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Previously, repairing a pipe or drain could be a cumbersome and costly process due to the excavation work involved. However, we now offer a solution that eliminates these inconveniences! Our innovative technology enables us to repair or unclog pipes without the need for extensive digging. By working from the inside of the pipe, we can effectively address the issue while preserving your landscaping. This option proves to be highly cost-effective compared to complete conduit replacement, which typically involves disruptive excavation.

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IPP Solutions Canada specializes in pipe and drain repair without excavation

Advantages of excavation-free pipe repair

  • Strengthens and solidifies pipe structure
  • Seals leaks
  • No damage to your landscaping
  • Minimizes costs and speeds repairs
  • Designed for all types of pipe (diameters from 3 to 24 inches)
  • Allows you to repair pipes all year round, even in winter!

Pipe inpection process
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How to repair pipes without digging?

A simple camera inspection lets us know exactly where inside your pipes to repair. Our no-dig repair solution uses a unique process that barely alters the diameter of the pipe. It's like inserting a "pipe within a pipe".

We start by unclogging and cleaning the inside of the pipe with specialized brushes and chains. Then we proceed with our spray in plane pipelining reparation. The application is easy and can be done quickly.

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Emergency Plumbing Leak & Pipe Repair Solutions

  • Stop pipe leak efficiently with our emergency pipe leakage services.
  • Expert repair of pipe leak and plumbing leak situations.
  • Quick response for urgent drain repair and repair leaking drain issues.
  • Round the clock solutions for leaking pipeline, pipeline leak, and emergency pipeline leak.


" We've saved a lot of money with IPP Solutions Canada's services and technology! Highly recommend!"

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